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Company History

Custom forms and a method to attach them have been around for hundreds of years actually since the invention of concrete itself. For centuries man has used hammers and nails to put things together, for any and all types of uses, at some point in history wood frames were used in the past just the way wood forms are used in the present and will be used in the future for the forming of concrete placement.

Nails were used that only had a single head, these nails accomplished there purpose because the number one use for them was to keep wood forms together as fresh concrete was poured into them or up to them to create a finished concrete product.  The single head nail worked to perfection until it was time to remove the forms. So the double head nail was created out of necessity. It made the removal of the form material simple because portions of the nail stood out where a hammer or nail remover could easily grab a hold of the nail and pull it out.

In the application of concrete steps and all cantilever forming, wood or prefabricated forms always needed to be removed to accomplish a finished product. In order to remove the forms a considerable amount of pressure is placed on the forms and concrete to pull out the nails, this sometimes damages the actual green (fresh) concrete, which can be detrimental to the finished product, resulting in a removal and redoing of the concrete. This will result in a costly and unsightly product.

However, we now don’t have to worry about the damaged and unsightly product. We have created duplex screws that are easier to use. The Top Hat Duplex Screw is a double-headed screw that will act and perform similarly to a double-headed nail. In a screw application, it will be easier to use and easier to find. Our screw saves time and costly tear out due to damaged caused by pressure put on the forms from pulling out nails. Another advantages to the duplex screw are that they are reusable while a nail can only be used one time.

We feel that this screw will revolutionize not only the concrete industry but can be used in many other construction and film industry applications, (I.E. grips, construction coordinators, tools boys, convention centers, float builder, box creates, temporary barricades, speaker installation along with your household picture hangers and more.) The film industry will be able to use and save as they assemble and disassemble props with our screws. Our duplex screws are available in orange.